Welcome to My personal Page

Professional Web and graphics designer, Part time content creator, and full timer dad

What I do

Web Design

Designing website and optimize it is my primary job.

I’m using wordpress as a basic engine for my service. and for some specific case, I built simple plugin for my client as part of service

Graphic Design and Photographer

Design logo, bumper, or anything else make my life colorful, so I do this as passion and to embrace my soul into all my works

Social Media

Doing social media engagement for client, not for myself.

For years, I help a few client to maintain and improce their social media account, but I don’t like to do that strategy into my social media life

For me, All my social media follower are someone who connected into my real life

Passion in my life


I love Cooking, esspecially using Indonesian Spicy, sometimes I explore some ingridients by teasing food at restaurant, or combining what I could find on my fridge


a cup of robusta or liberica coffe will make my mood much more positive


I love to built, anything, sometimes I do woodworking, in another time I will built some electronic device.

In one side, it will exhausting me, but at the other side, make me a littlebit orgasm when it finished

Lone Riding

Whenever I’m in rush and pressure, lone riding make me sober and clearing my mind