Frans’s Creative Studio

This is my simple world with complicated heart,
just me, part time web designer, editor, writer, and content creator
still work as a Fulltimer Dad


Hi! I am Frans, since early covid 19 pandemic start, I worked profesionally from home.

What I did ?

I worked as a profesional on book publishing, started my carier as a product development manager, acquisition editor, and publisher director

In a middle 2008 i also started my enthusiastic into Opensource software and involve into Linux Distribution development called BlankOn and act as an activist on Ubuntu Indonesia

On 2010, I’m assisting an investor to develop some web based school community based on wordpress. in this short time, I learn about wordpress and how to develop. After I’m no longer assisting, I still used wordpress as my personal blog CMS

In 2013 I started as an amateur Android Operating System Developer and assist as freelance developer on android smartphone local brand

At the begining 2015, I start to assembly a freelancer team and offered to develop web based software, in this team, I’m worked as Project Manager

In early 2016, I quit as Director of Publisher and built a game studio with an angel investor. Until early 2020, we split up and I’m try to built my own business

Share a passion with you

Become your profesional system designer

I have experience to design software architecture, accounting information system, and system operational procedure for office. Based on propetiary software or open source software. So if you interesting using my skill as consultant, please contact me

A Profesional Video Editor and Content Creator

For now, I still struggle to built my own youtube channel, so I start to leard how to produce my own video, and manage it. If you interesting to create new channel, or do something with video and youtube, do not hesitate to ask me to discuss about it. It will be a great pleasure to me

Manage your script into published e-book on Google Playbook

For almost 14years, I have profesional experience in book publishing, and in 2014 I have my first publisher partner in google playbook. After some times, I want to share that knowledge with anyone who interesting in e-book publishing. Start this month, I try to write an e-book again. If you want to join me, please contact me

Become your Profesional Web builder and manager

Starting in pandemic years, I built my own studio at my home. I’m offer service to built website for some function, start to weblog to marketplace. I’m develop website using wordpress as a basic platform. Why I use WordPress ? because it have standart function dashboard, anyone can operate it in an hour. WordPress also provide thousand of plugin with many function and capabilities. If you want to see my price, please do not hesitate to visit : (in english) (in indonesian)