304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekend: 10AM - 5PM

Digital Worker and Moto Traveler

I’m in love with digital world since I was 18 y.o, and traveling around using motorbike since 2021. Using motorbike for traveling and move from one point to another make me feel alive. My dream is working as a digital brand builder and nomad life. I love to ride and stop when I found place or view i loved.

Digital Brand Consultant

I become a digital brand consultant and run digital campaigns for clients, my job is to carry out brand analysis to then consult with clients to determine campaign targets along with all costs and an appropriate timeline.

My job is to accompany clients so they can achieve the brand campaign targets that have been determined together

Book Writer

Writing, one of the activities that I like, by writing, I can express all my creative ideas and try to share them with others.

The themes that I write about are always related to technology, and currently I’m interested in digital branding and game development

Web Designer

Apart from being a brand consultant, I also serve client requests to create websites with various needs. Some of the websites I’ve worked on are company profile websites, online store websites, concert ticket websites, community websites, and news portal websites.

The main focus in making a website is access speed and SEO optimization


My work experience

Computer Technician

My first job was as a computer technician whose job was to assemble, install applications, and repair personal computers

Graphic Design

Several times he made logo designs for communities, institutions, and organizations and companies.

Some are paid, the rest are free

Web Designer

I made a web using wordpress as a CMS base, apart from using wordpress, I also developed web applications using native PHP and Code igniter

Book editor

In the period 2003 – 2016 I was in the world of publishing, I worked at Andi’s publisher, then moved to PCmedia magazine, and since 2009 I have managed a publishing house called skripta. in that span of time, there were hundreds, maybe even close to 1000 book titles that I reviewed, edited, and managed

Game Director

In 2016, I co-founded a game studio called merapitech. In 2017, he was entrusted with becoming CEO and game director.

Book Writer

While working in publishing, I released 5 technology-themed books. The first book was themed on computer networks, then computer networks, web programming, databases, and an introduction to operating systems

And in 2023, I’m quite productive by releasing 8 book titles on Google Playbook.

Digital Brand Consultant

Since 2014 I have been trying to help several figures who want to develop their public image, and I will activate this activity again in 2020 by managing digital events in the form of corporate brand campaigns or personal brands.

Digital Event Organizer

During the pandemic, there was another unique activity, namely running events online.

There are several unique events in the form of competitions aimed at soft selling, or other activities aimed at strengthening brand image and introducing campaigns for government agencies