About me

What I do

Web Design

Designing website and optimize it is my primary job.

I’m using wordpress as a basic engine for my service. and for some specific case, I built simple plugin for my client as part of service

Graphic Design and 360' Photographer

Design logo, bumper, or anything else make my life colorful, so I do this as passion and to embrace my soul into all my works

For photography, I make 360 ​​photos as part of the website creation and maintenance service

Social Media

Doing social media engagement for client, not for myself.

For years, I help a few client to maintain and improve their social media account, but I don’t like to do that strategy into my social media life

For me, All my social media follower are someone who connected into my real life

My Passion


I love Cooking, esspecially using Indonesian Spicy, sometimes I explore some ingridients by teasing food at restaurant, or combining what I could find on my fridge


a cup of robusta or liberica coffe will make my mood much more positive


I love to built, anything, sometimes I do woodworking, in another time I will built some electronic device.

In one side, it will exhausting me, but at the other side, make me a littlebit orgasm when it finished


Whenever I’m in rush and pressure, lone riding make me sober and clearing my mind

My Professional Life

Short Story about my professional life

Computer Technician

My 1st career was a computer technician, my job description was built and repair personal computer. I worked as tech geek for 3 years

Network Administrator

Second job i take was Network Administrator, I’m handle Windows NT Server, Novell Netware, Windows 2000 Server, and then Red Hat Linux


My next job was a teacher, I was teach design and computer networking

Software Developer

Built software and application desktop based and for now I only built web based

Books Writer

I wrote some manual books and a few books, all my books talk about technology

Editor and director

From 2002 until 2015 i worked in book publisher and starting my career as a product manager, then move to jakarta as acquisition editor, then move again to jogja as director

Game Director

In 2016, I met an angel investor, and we built game studio, we built a strategy game named AfterWorld.

I quit from studio game in 2019

WordPress Developer

In 2014 I started to know wordpress as CMS platform. And start serious to develop website using wordpress in 2018.

Professional Digital Marketer

My first experience involve with digital marketing, was in 2014, it was my first experience as campaign manager.

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