Just ordinary people with a lot of passion

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I'm a technology learner, always trying to grow with an evolving information technology.
Started a career as a computer hardware technician, studied network technology with novell netware operating system base, then fell in love with open source licensed operating system Linux. In the opensource world is quite intense use Linux Ubuntu and Linux Mint. From 2003 - 2015 involved in the publishing industry, Started a career as Product Manager for the popular technology themed book product line. After several years then tried a new challenge as an editor of acquisition in one of the book publishing in jakarta. In 2009 decided to return to the beloved city, Yogyakarta. and start a new sheet as the Publishing Director. Since 2015 began to pursue mobile apps development, and in 2016 began learning game development. It currently manages the game studio labeled Merapitech, which focuses on developing and publishing android and iOS-based games.

Product Management

has experience in managing physical products in the form of books, and digital products in the form of mobile applications based on IOS and Android


Has a paper in the form of a book themed popular information technology, ranging from photography to the operating system

Design and publishing

Have experience and expertise in print and publishing design, designing logos and other printing products for communities and companies

Software and Game Development Management

Since 2013 has become a freelancer for web and mobile application development, has a network of freelance application developers. Have experience developing custom mobile operating system based on android